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Dementia Care Centre is the result of a collaboration between Genting Group and the University of Malaya's Faculty of Medicine. 
It operates on a charitable basis to offer daycare services to people suffering from dementia, as well as to provide information through webinars and training to caregivers, family members and professionals involved in dementia care. 

The centre strives to help persons living with dementia achieve the best possible quality of life and provide support and training to their families and caregivers. 
To find out more about our team and what we do, please visit the About Us section. 



Mariam, Daughter

The centre is an excellent choice for dementia elderlies. Staff are patient, attentive, and caring. The centre has carefully curated activities to encourage active physical and mental exercises. The activities offer a lot of variations, from arts and crafts, sewing, reminiscing, and even cooking. All these efforts to engage the elderlies are substantial, as I see good improvements on my loved one’s well-being after participating at the centre.


Additionally, the centre conducts online talks with healthcare professionals, to adequately inform family members on various aspects of caring for dementia patients. Fliers were also distributed to family members to warn them of potential dangers that could happen to dementia patients.


Despite the MCO restrictions, caretakers took the time to conduct online classes weekly with their clients, as well as providing exercise packages biweekly. Communications to primary caretaker at home are maintained professionally and effectively. I would recommend the centre to families with dementia elderlies.


My family is appreciative of the due care and attention given to my vulnerable eldest sister by the Genting Dementia Care Centre team.


In the short space of just under two months, the Centre Manager Mujada, with the support of the team, has been amazing in helping calm down my sister whom we recently brought back to Malaysia from overseas. The activities planned and conducted are gradually helping her focus somewhat on the task at hand while the daily routine and structure better manage her agitation.


Because of their collaboration with geriatric specialists from the university, I have got a better understanding of my sister’s illness to deal with her whilst simultaneously trying to manage my own mental frame of mind.


I feel more confident knowing that Genting Corporation itself is pursuing joint research aimed at improved resolutions for this cruel disease with the benefits to be shared with the Care Team.


As I believe that the clients are treated with dignity and their needs attended to, fostering trust and confidence that my loved one is safe in a secure environment, I would certainly recommend DCC to those seeking help with their loved ones!

Family of Suraj Paramasivam 

We are writing to say how much we appreciate the work and the devotion that the staff at Genting’s Dementia Care Centre had provided for our late mother/mother in law/grandmother. Special mention should be given to Ms Jivitha who was her carer and gave so much care and love while she was there even when mother got angry with her. So much so that she would be looking for her when she was back home.

You guys are amazing with what you do and are very genuine and professional in helping patients with this dreaded disease called Dementia. Even though her stay was cut short due to the Covid pandemic, we are very sure she enjoyed the activities and attention provided for her.

Please let all the staff at the centre know again how deeply appreciative we are for the care and love they gave to mother.  We know they treated everyone this way too.  

Thank you again for being there when we needed you and we wish you all the best.


Check out our centre in the video below.

For more information on our facilities, click here

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