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Dysphagia Mangement in Dementia

Workshop on dysphagia management conducted by Dr Terence Ong Ing Wei and Ms Cecilia Santiago.

Dysphagia Mangement in Dementia

Workshop: Dysphagia Management in Dementia

Dysphagia is a medical term to describe swallowing difficulties. It is estimated that 45% of institutionalized people with dementia develop dysphagia some time during the clinical course of their disease (Easterling, C.S. et al 2007). It can occur early in the dementia process and progressively becoming more pronounced with the disease progression. However, it is often not being recognized in people with dementia due to poor cognition and sensorimotor responses. Dysphagia or swallowing difficulty can contribute to dehydration, malnutrition, weight loss and pneumonia (lung infection) and even death.

In this workshop, you will be able to:
• Identify symptoms and presentation for swallowing difficulties.
• Learn the non-surgical management in dysphagia.
• Manage safe feeding and swallowing in people with dementia.
• Learn international guidelines in tube feeding for dementia.

Certificate and 4 CPD points will be given at the end of workshop.

1. Dr Terence Ong Ing Wei
Consultant geriatrician & medical lecturer
University Malaya

2. Cecilia Santiago
Certified specialist speech and language pathologist
Post graduate qualification in dysphagia, Sheffield, UK

Targeted participants:
Nurses / allied health professionals / caregivers in acute and community care settings, family members, students, anyone interested.

If you would like to register to participate in this workshop, please click the link below:

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