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Public Events

Come to get a FREE dental screening!!

About this event:

Oral health in older person is crucial in preventing infections and promote good quality of life through food enjoyment. We understand the challenges in getting older persons with dementia to step into dental clinics due to their reduced cognitive ability. In this event, we invited dentists from Special Care Unit, Faculty of Dentistry Universiti Malaya to perform dental screening in dementia-friendly environment.


No registration needed. We provide free dental screening to all people with dementia including their family members. You can learn more about oral care from our educational booths. Save the date!


For any enquiries, please contact us at 03-6122 2000.

DCC organises and participates in public events relating to dementia.

Keep updated with these events here. 

ADFM's World Alzheimer's Day

ADFM's World Alzheimer's Day

The staff at DCC and Genting TauRx Diagnostic teamed up to participate at ADFM's World Alzheimer's Day event at Atria Mall

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