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Language and Communication in Dementia


People with dementia experience speech problems when the disease progresses. It contributed to frustration as well as conflicts among people with dementia and their family members due to poor understanding and unmet needs in people with dementia. Thus, it is important for the family members and healthcare professionals who deal with people with dementia to understand the symptoms and ways of communication to accommodate their needs. In this webinar, we will discuss about:

·         the impact of dementia on speech and language functioning, 

·         the language changes in different stages of dementia, and

·         communication ways to deal with expressive difficulties in demented elderlies.


An e-certificate and 1CPD point will be given at the end of the session.


Suitable for:

People working in acute or long-term care facilities, family members or friends dealing with people living with dementia, academicians, students, and anyone interested in dementia care.



Ms. Tay Chia Yi

Certified Speech Language Therapist

Graduated with Master in Dementia Studies, UK. 

Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Speech Sciences (Hons), UKM.


Save the seat and register today.

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