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Managing the Behavioral & Psychological Symptoms of Dementia


Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) are often considered a main stressor to caregivers in their caregiving journey. Families of people with BPSD experience family conflicts, social isolation, psychological disorders like depression, and financial burdens. Unmanaged BPSD can contribute to poorer quality of life in people with dementia as well as people surrounding them. Most of the families and caregivers of people with dementia have a lower understanding of BPSD management in their loved ones. During this webinar, we will discuss about:

·     Presentation of BPSD.

·     Cause of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.

·     Management of BPSD including pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments.


An e-certificate and 1 CPD point will be given at the end of the webinar.


Suitable for:

People working in acute or long-term care facilities, family, or friends dealing with people with dementia.



Dr Amanda Goh Mae Ching

Graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery MBBS from International Medicine University (IMU).

Completed her Master of Internal Medicine at Universiti Malaya.

Clinical specialist in Universiti Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC). 


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